Mt Pleasant Live Oak Tree Replanted

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Here are a couple pictures of a live oak tree in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. This 20-foot tree was dug up from the ground at Pelican’s Roost off Rifle Range Road and Venning Road in Mt Pleasant. Pelican’s Roost used a large root bag when they planted this tree, which allowed it to be dug up/pulled up with minimal damage.

After digging it up, it was placed on a heavy duty trailer and moved to the location.

A large hole was dug before hand. This hole was twice the diameter of the transported root ball. A Bobcat Skid Steer was used to move the oak from the trailer into the receiving hole. Possums landscaping supply recommended a large amount of cotton burr compost to fill around the root ball.

The planting was in mid-February and these pictures were taken on 21 March. Notice that there are no leaves from last year still on the tree. The transplanting provided a large shock to the tree and all leaves were dropped.

Please notice the close up. It shows that the replanting of this large oak tree was a success!

mt pleasant sc live oak tree
Replanted Live Oak Tree in Mount Pleasant, SC
new leaves on mt pleasant live oak tree
New Leaves on Replanted Live Oak Tree

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